The first (codenamed GENESIS by Blackwatch and Gentek) was the manifestation of the very first virus

Hope idahoEdit

When the virus was first created, the first was given life and became the first one to truly spread the virus

Mercer's infectionEdit

When Mercer became the first prototype, the first acted as a guide to Mercer on his journey, giving him the ability to control the biomass he consumed. He was given the nickname Red. Throughout Alex's journey, red gives Mercer the ability to materialize the infected biomass into weapons.

After the outbreakEdit

Some time after Mercer rids the city of the blacklight virus, red possesses Mercer and uses him to start a second outbreak

Heller's infectionEdit

After Heller was infected, he finds red in an alley consuming a blackwatch soldier. Like Alex, he helps him on his journey; consuming, empowering, and killing

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Since the first is a powerful infected being, it has the ability to infect an entire city in a couple of days. Like the prototypes, he can create any offensive and defensive weapon at will such as the blade, shield, claws, and can even mix powers. Like Prototypes, he can also consume, use the Disguise ability, make biobombs, Run at a superhuman pace, etc.