Prototype the bane of Jack Arson is a sequel taking place after Prototype quest for the truth. It stars Zeus as the main protagonist and a former Navy SEAL named Jack Arson who is the main antagonist.

Story Edit

Ten months after the quest for finding answers to Blackwatch and Gentek, Zeus has moved away from the U.S. and is residing in the country of Russia. While working on a new battle arena, he begins to think about what happened during the months he had left North America. Done with his day job, he walks home but is suddenly attacked by a rogue evolved, who calls him "Arson" which confuses him greatly. He fights the evolved for a good five minutes before tackling it and telling her that he's not "Arson", and this confuses the female evolved before he takes off some sort of mind control chip and her senses come back to normal. She fidgets and realizes that she had actually attacked Zeus.

She gets scared thinking he might absorb her life force, but he tells her that she attacked him because she was controlled against her will and not intentionally. She grows furious at being controlled and leaves the area not noticing that Zeus put a tracking device on her tennis shoe. Tomorrow, Zeus creates a replica of himself to take his place since he'll be gone for a while and flies off towards the area, the evolved had fled too. That area was Kyoto, Japan. He lands there on a skyscraper rooftop and begins tracking the evolved with his feral senses since she took off the tracking device, either that or someone did it for her.

Characters Edit

Prototype Zeus- the main protagonist who is the inner virus of Alex Mercer and is needing to find a life for itself. He is doing what he can to not be like Mercer who killed innocents as both a man and a monster and is willing to let humans choose their own path while taking care of Arson himself.

Jack Arson- the main antagonist of the story who is a former Navy SEAL commander with brutal experience and is merciless killer. He became infected with Black ray by a former splice scientist known as Sam Clarkson who infected himself to test out the results of his creation. His daughter was killed when he attempted to fight off Black heart who wanted to capture him and destroy him for taking them out.

Laura Arson- the daughter of Jack who was killed in the crossfire between him and Black heart when the man fought them off to keep them from capturing him.