Prototype: The Next Infection is the next installment to the Prototype franchise. It is published by, and developed by. It will be released only on PSP for canada.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay in Prototype: The Next Infection is a little identical to Prototype 2, the player is able to play as Sgt. James Heller, Weaponizing is additional, and his powers are the same. However, it is changed nine times, a new city is Boise, Idaho, now James Heller has the Groundspike Devastator Attack, and Crash Pack, the player gains access to a new feature, Infection Mode, as when the player holds O, they can gain access to nine devastators without mass, James Heller can blow enemies with additional damage, indentically to the Muscle Mass and he is now Invincible to all attacks. Additionally to this game, the player can go into the new malls, home depots, wallmarts, hotels, etc similar to GTA, but a little but different and they can access new hint bubbles, so various individuals can help the player. Also with the new traits of this game, arguably the player can also take into special infection curing missions, they give the player a boost in mass, i.e., 0-9,000%. Unfortounately, there are no infected monsters in this game, making it the first game in the series that no infected monsters are included, but there is a small degree of illnesses. Even if it doesn't have infected monsters, there are still enormous biomass towers, newly, the player can absorb it and gain even more mass.

Controls Edit