The Olympians, sometimes called the Spectres or the Olympian Council by the Infected Hive Mind, were an Organization of Prototypes led by Kronos whom orchestrated the Third Outbreak in Prototype: New Dawn.


The Olympians were founded for Forty Eight years since the Events of Hope, Idaho and the Redlight Virus research in June 11, 1964. It was formed with Elizabeth Greene becoming the center of the Redlight Virus and becoming Gaia or simple Mother, she also gave birth to a son: Jason Greene, who would become known as Kronos or Pariah.


  • The Olympians are connected to Greek mythology through their Code Names but they have no other relation to Greek mythology, Olympians being picked as the name by Pariah because they would be the modern ruling Greek Gods, but it does seem to follow the flow of birth from the virus and their connections to certain characters;
    • Gaia (Elizabeth) was a Protogenos and the mother of the Titan Kronos (Pariah) and the Giant/Monster Typhon (Chris), Kronos was the father of Zeus (Alex), Poseidon (Percy) and Hades (Ryan), Ares (Johnathan) was a son of Zeus.