Jason Greene (P:ND)
In-Game Information
Also known as Pariah/PARIAH (scientific code name)

Kronos (field code name)
Emperor (by Evolved)

Affiliations Blackwatch Elite Forces (formerly)

Infected Forces

Profession Science experiment (formerly)

Experimental Secret Supersoldier (formerly)
"Emperor" of the Infected Army

Misc. Information
Gender Male
DOB July 7, 1969
Current status Alive (Innovated)
Weapons Can create weapons from matter around him.

Anything he can "grab". Additionally mental abilities. Prodigy with a sword.

Real World Information
Appears in Prototype 2 (cameo)

Prototype: New Dawn

Voiced actor Micah Solusod (English)

Hiro Shimono (Japanese)

"So, Alex Mercer let his guard down against the humans? Yet, they die so easily. The sole splendid thing... about them is their blood's brilliance."
―Jason Greene to Shane Hale at their first meeting.

Jason Greene, sometimes called Pariah, Project PARIAH or military designation codename Kronos is the leader of the Olympians, a group of Prototypes in Prototype: New Dawn.


Not that much is known about the Early Life of Jason Greene just the fact that when he was born he was taken from his mother by General Randall during the Redlight outbreak in Hope, Idaho and taken to Brandenburg Air Force in California.

Personality and traits

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Project PARIAH was described as the Ultimate Life-form by many of the Project scientists and therefore Jason was described as an incredibly powerful Innovator, others saw Kronos as the God he claimed to be as he easily obliterated an entire Tank Brigade without even having to get his hands dirty, Jason has been revealed to be able to manipulate the world on the Atomic Level allowing him to create and control incredible blasts of energy and mini-dimensions.

Jason also binds all loyal Innovators to himself thereby allowing him to draw strength from them and painfully recreate them from the minor remnants of their DNA, returning them to life physically different but with every capability and memory since till their apparent Death intact, Pariah is also revealed to be incapable of actually dying and can resurrect himself and regenerate from even atomization revealing his recovery powers are on the matter level.

One of the most terrifying of his capabilities however is his skill in Telepathy and Illusions to such an extent that he can generate a doppelganger seen by everyone, know everything that is said or thought even from a large distance away from his Doppelganger, attack people with Telekinesis while making them think that the Doppelganger is the one attacking and cause agonising illusionary pains and wounds. He can use his Telekinesis to cause a crushing field on enemies around him, and through concentration he can create a time-lagging space that slows down a person's sense of time thus paralysing them in a slowed world.

Pariah's greatest capacity is that like his mother he evolves his followers, Pariah actually does this via absorbing genetic traits or creating genetic traits in his body, being the genetic catalyst to improve the traits and abilities, before passing along second-rate versions to his followers through touch. Pariah seems to be incapable of actually being absorbed, as his genetics are not influenceable from external sources or viruses, meaning that although his genome bonded with the Redlight Virus it has in turn made him the immune master controller of viruses.