Alexander Mercer

Alex Mercer, the first Artificial Innovator.

Innovators, known far more popularly as Prototypes, are a group of Genetically enhanced human beings either born from being within the womb of a woman with the Redlight Virus or surviving infection from the Blacklight Virus. They were first named Innovators by the Olympians in Prototype: New Dawn, a group of Prototypes.

Types of InnovatorsEdit


Natural Innovators are born naturally while being carried within a woman containing and surviving the perfect incarnations of the Redlight Virus, they are the perfect incarnation of the Blacklight Virus, a Natural is a perfect natural release of uncoded areas of the genome and are thus considered the Ultimate Lifeforms even over Artificial Innovators.

There is only one Natural Innovator, and that is Pariah/Kronos.


Artificial Innovators were innovators that were unnaturally created through either being infected by the DX-1118 C Blacklight Virus, the DX-1121 C Blacklight Virus through Pariah being the medium or through any experimentation with the use of any of the Blacklight Virus strains and Innovator genomes.

The first known Artificial Innovator was Alex Mercer, who released the Blacklight Virus during the first outbreak, losing his memories after being originally infected as he died. Artificial Innovators can also create failed Innovator servants, the Evolved.


Evolved were failed attempts of channeling the Virus into individuals created by the channeling of the virus strains through an Artificial Innovator, because that Innovator was artificial and was trying to create other Artificial Innovators it instead failed, created a support/soldier Innovators called Evolved that lacked most of a Innovators powers.

Known InnovatorsEdit

Active Innovators:Edit

Inactive Innovators:Edit

  • Dr. Anton Koenig (Evolved, deceased)
  • Dr. Karen Archer (Evolved, deceased)
  • Commander Chaplin (Evolved, deceased)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Collins (Evolved, deceased)
  • Dennis Wayne (Evolved, deceased)
  • Elwood Pine (Evolved, deceased)
  • Dr. Harry Gutierrez (Evolved, deceased)
  • Dr. Jenkins (Evolved, deceased)
  • Keith Gallagher (Evolved, deceased)
  • Dr. Kishino (Evolved, deceased)
  • Dr. Lawrence Foster (Evolved, deceased)
  • Lindsay Bendhurst (Evolved, deceased)
  • Roland (Evolved, deceased)
  • Sabrina Galloway (Evolved, deceased)